495.000 VND
Choose one of the below starters, one main and one dessert.

A salad of tea smoked mackerel & green mango,
with roasted peanut, coriander vinaigrette and a seaweed jelly.

‘Deconstructed burger’
Angus beef patty topped with fried quail’s egg, smoky tomato relish, pickled root vegetables and a horse radish veloute.

Poached organic egg
with ragout of mushroom, pink shallot,
feta cheese, grilled asparagus. (V)

Miso glazed pork belly
garnished with braised daikon, spiced candied walnut, sweet potato & coconut puree.

Pan fried red mullet
served on a salsa rossa, pommes duchess and shellfish bisque.

Roasted butternut squash & chilli risotto
topped with grilled vegetables and parmesan shavings. (V)



Warm salad
of grilled octopus and chorizo sausage,
saffron potato, toasted almond flakes, sauce romessco.
155.000 VND

Pan seared scallops
topped with Da Lat smoked scamoza, fennel compote, pickled radish finished with a chives beurre blanc.
190.000 VND

Rosette of foie gras
served with a ginger tuilles, spiced grape chutney and a petite salad.
325.000 VND

‘A trip to Hoi An meat market stall’
Truffle scented stuffed chicken wing, marinated pork ribs, char-grilled medallion of beef.
250.000 VND

Pan roasted quail
served on sweet corn blinis, poached quail’s egg, star fruit relish and an anise jus.
170.000 VND

‘Tomato texture salad’
Mixed variety of tomatoes, prepared four ways. Accompanied with green pesto, bocconcini and garnished with black olive flavoured cao lau crisps. (V)
185.000 VND


Char-grilled 180gr fillet of beef
garnished with duck liver parfait, balsamic glazed shallot, truffle mash and sauce perigourdine.
595.000 VND

‘Moroccan inspired’ Rack of lamb
served with lamb merguez, confit garlic puree, spiced honey carrot, artichoke fritters finished with a harissa jus.
550.000 VND

Pan roasted marinated duck breast
braised red cabbage, duck rillettes spring rolls, sliced fondant, hoisin sauce.
420.000 VND

Herb crusted ‘white flesh’ chinook salmon,
prawn ravioli, beetroot carpaccio, fennel and sauce choron.
385.000 VND

Roasted loin of bartail flathead
wrapped in Parma ham, pea & asparagus and prawn friscasse, sauce salsa verde.
400.000 VND

Spiced chickpea & tofu ‘falafel style’,
tian of warm vegetable and white bean salad, aubergine caviar, beetroot raita. (V)
250.000 VND


Dark chocolate delice
with salted caramel and mango coulis.
135.000 VND

‘Medley of miniature desserts’
pistachio brulee, sticky date pudding and chocolate & rum raisin bite.
140.000 VND

Poached pineapple
topped with green apple & celery sorbet, homemade granola and a set custard cream.
125.000 VND

White chocolate, coconut & malibu mousse,
passion fruit sorbet, cardamom chantilly.
135.000 VND

‘Assortment of international cheese’
Served with red onion marmalade, apple and savoury biscuit.
Three cheeses @ 250.000 VND
Four cheeses @ 295.000 VND
Your choice of Blue Stilton Clawson, St-Nectaire semisoft brie, Da Lat camembert, Dutch smoked cheddar.